About us

Samantha Vanderslott is a second year PhD candidate in Science and Technology Studies at University College London. She is researching how neglected tropical diseases are understood as a policy problem and how conceptions of innovation influences this, drawing on historical policy development and fieldwork examples in Brazil, India and China. Her background is in economic development and politics at the University of Bath and University of Oxford. She also has three years practical policy experience working as a senior policy advisor at the UK Department for Business Innovation and skills.  Samantha will be a visiting fellow at the Harvard program on Science, Technology and Society in 2015.

Erman Sozudogru is a first year PhD candidate in University College London department of Science and Technology Studies. His research focuses on philosophy of science, investigating how context influences scientific inquiry. He focuses on neglected tropical diseases in order to understand how epistemic and non epistemic values influence knowledge production in science. Erman acquired his bachelors degree in Biological Chemistry and Drug Discovery from University of Dundee, Masters in Science Technology Medicine and Society from Imperial College London. He is particularly interested in authority of science and its link with the society.

Chowa Nkonde is a third year medical undergraduate at University College London. She has just finished studying for an intercalated BSc (iBSc) in Philosophy, Medicine and Society with a special focus on Science Communications. She is interested in the use of communications to engage people in global health issues and holds the role of the Media Co-ordinator of UCL Medsin and also Treasurer of UCL’s Friends of Medecins sans Frontieres.


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