Author: cnkonde

Update #1

We’ve just finished interviews with Dr Peter Hotez, leading advocate and expert in global health, Director of the Sabin Vaccine Institute, Professor Alex Broadbent the Head of Philsoophy at the University of Johannesburg and Professor Alan Fenwick the Director of the Schistosomiasis Control Initiative. Each interview focuses on the burden of Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) from a policy, philosophical and epidemiological lens, respectively.

Up next, we shall delve into the fields of history, biomedical and technological innovation and more, facilitating an increasingly diverse conversation amonsgt experts in their fields. Adding fresh insight into the discourse surrounding NTDs and how we can tackle them effectively.


A History of Neglect

How does a disease become neglected?

Following the accepted definition, neglect is seen largely in a monetary sense; a comparative lack of funding. However, diseases can also be neglected in terms of a lack of…

  • Policy initiatives
  • Prevention/Surveillance/Control
  • Research
  • Drug development/supply

In the case of neglected tropical diseases, the main reasons for their neglect tends to correlate strongly with the low socioeconomic status of the affected populations. Hotez et. al, describe these populations as not just the poorest in the world, but also having a low visibility and little political voice.

Alongside these compounding factors, the diseases associated with this group are often inextricably linked with social and behavioural patterns.

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