The following series of podcasts start with a brief introduction, followed by episodes dedicated to each subject. A list of episodes is shown below.

1. NTDs in policy: Dr Peter Hotez  

2. Current practices: Dr Alan Fenwick 

3. Philosophical perspectives: Dr Alex Broadbent 

4. History of the ‘Great Neglected Diseases’: Dr Conrad Keating

5. Funding and data on NTDs: Dr Mary Moran

Workshop on NTDs, 10th December 2014: Dr Mary Moran, Dr Simon Croft, Dr Conrad Keating, Dr Brendan Clarke

(Recording by Lauren Hutchinson and Henry Hocking)

This series allows us to approach NTDs from various perspectives illuminating different aspects in each episode. We start with philosophical and historical angles followed by interviews with scientists working in various branches of NTD research and reflect on these from historical and policy perspectives.

Each interview is a semi-structured, using an interview guide to prompt questions but we will be looking for a free-flowing conversation in a story-telling structure. This mostly begins with the interviewees original reasons for involvement with NTDs, moving to their specific areas of research and then asking broader questions to touch on the bigger issues and points of discussion.


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